Terms and Abbreviations



Name of Product Markings
Regular Stamps ---
Souvenir Sheets ss
Special Postal Sheets SPS
Postal Lables PL
Prestige Stamp Booklets PSB
Stamp Booklets SB
Post Office Sheets POS
My Own Stamp MOS
Plate Blocks PB
Se-tenant Stamps SeS
Strips of Stamps StS
Foreign Stamps - joint issue FS
Stamps sets with different tab's length (Tabs sets)
Information Brochures IB
Bulletins Bu



Name of Product Markings
First Day Cover FDC
Special cancellation Sp
Slogan cancellation Sl
Regular cancellation Rg
Aerogrammes Ae
Illustrated Covers IC



Name of Products Markings
Maximum Cards MC
Illustrated Postcards IP
Shana Tova Greeting Cards ShT
Regular Postcards RP
Cancelled Postcards ---


Souvenir Leaves

Name of Products Markings
Souvenir Leaves SL
Prestige Souvenir Leaves